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Accessory - the Necessity of Guardrail

Accessory, is the essential part of highway guardrail, which can better ensure the safety of guardrail, includes fasteners, beam washers, post caps and trapezoid delineators.

Hexagonal bolts for high strength structural bolting with large wide across flats.
Hexagonal bolts are used to fasten guardrails and posts as well as other highway safety components of different sizes.
Rectangular beam washers on the table.
Beam washers are installed between bolts and guardrail beams with good anti-corrosion.
Two galvanized post caps with galvanized treatment.
Post caps are covered on the posts to protect it from being corroded by rainwater.
A red trapezoid delineator.
Trapezoid delineators are installed on the guardrail beams, and act as guide marks in the night.


  1. 8.8 grade bolts with high tensity.
  2. Long life service.
  3. Elegant appearance.
  4. Post cap: water proofing.
Model Parameters
Fasteners (bolts & nuts) 8.8 grade: M16 × 35 mm, M16 × 45 mm, M16 × 140 mm, M16 × 170 mm, or according to client’s drawings.
washer Ø35 × 4 mm
Beam washer 76 × 44 × 4 mm
Post cap Ø114/140 × 100/150 ×4.5 mm
Trapezoid delineator 120 × 50 × 70 mm 127 × 70 × 76 mm
Surface treatment Hot-dip galvanizing or plastic coating
Weight of coating (GB/T 281-2007) Average check limit triple-spot test


Min check limit triple-spot test


350 g/m2(50 um)


275 g/m2 (39 um)
Custom requirements are available.
Guardrail drawings are preferable.


Hexagonal bolts are installed on the w-beam guardrail.
Hexagonal bolts are used to fasten guardrail beams, which possess high intensity.
Rectangular beam washer fixed on w-beam guardrail.
Beam washers are installed between bolts and guardrail beams, which can ensure the firm connection.
Post cap is covered on the post.
Post cap can ensure post a longer service life.
Red reflector is installed on the w-beam guardrail.
Trapezoid delineators protect road safety in the night.
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