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Guardrail End Terminal with Outstanding Properties and Different Types

Guardrail end terminals not only can be divided in to roadside terminal and median terminal according to its install positions, but also can be classified into round end terminal and fish end terminal according to its shape. End terminal are all processed through antiseptic treatment, such as galvanizing and plastic coating, which has superior properties.

Galvanized round end terminal.
Guardrail terminal with galvanized treatment. It has excellent performance of anti-corrosion.
Median end terminals are plastic coated with green surface.
End terminals are specifically used on the median barrier.
Galvanized W-beam fish end terminal.
Fish end terminal used on roadside w-beam guardrail.
Galvanized thrie-beam fish end terminal.
Fish end terminal used on median thrie-beam guardrail.


  1. Low cost, long service life.
  2. High safety performance and high intensity.
  3. Anti-corrosion, anti-aging, impact resistance.
  4. Easy to install, elegant appearance.
Model Parameters
Round end terminal W-beam guardrail R160/250/350 × 2.67/3/3.43/4 mm
Thrie-beam guardrail R160/250/350 × 2.67/3.43/4 mm
Fish end terminal W-beam guardrail 310 × 700 × 2.67/3.43/3/4 mm
Thriebeam -guardrail 506 × 700 × 2.67/3.43/4 mm
Surface treatment Hot-dip galvanizing or plastic coating
Weight of coating (GB/T 281-2007) Average check limit triple-spot test Min check limit triple-spot test
600 g/m2 (85 um) 425 g/m2 (61 um)
Custom requirements are available.
Guardrail drawings are preferable.

End terminal are usually installed on roadside barrier and median barrier.

End terminal is fixed on the end of roadside barrier.
Round end terminal makes guardrail an elegant appearance, which have high intensity and easy to install.
W-beam fish end guardrail fixed on bridge to protect pedestrian safety.
Fish end terminals possess high quality impact resistance.
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