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Guardrail Fence

YunMei offers a range of extremely cost effective guardrail fencing system.

SIZE OF W-BEAM: 310 × 85 × 3/4 × 4320mm.

STANDARDS: GB/T18226, AASHTO M180, etc., or similar standards.

PURPOSE: Highway guardrail.
YunMei supplies a full line of guardrail accessories and steel posts. Depending upon your site requirements, guardrail barriers can be easily configured for optimal performance and cost efficient. We are able to custom manufacture curve guardrail beams of various sizes.
The most efficient method of installation is on driven posts which are driven into the ground by means of a hydraulic driving rig.
Driven posts are the quickest method but whether they can be used depends upon the ground conditions and must be subjected to push / pull tests. If standard posts fail then extra long ones can be used. The posts no longer have pressure plates on them, making them easier to handle and the same post can now be used for verge or median applications.
Concreted-in posts take longer to initially install, but have one major advantage over driven posts: they can be used with sockets cast into the concrete footings (into which the posts slide once the concrete has set). This makes future replacement after accident damage faster and easier, saving in both time and expense.

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