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Guardrail Requirements

Ordering Information

  1. Quantity (number of pieces or linear meter)
  2. CLASS of Guardrail.
  3. TYPE of Guardrail:
  4. Effective Length: 3.2m or 3.81m or 4.0m.
  5. Shape: W Beam or Profile B or Thrie Beam.
  6. Exceptions and Special Requirements:
    • A. Effective length and Overall length see manufacturer's drawing.
    • B. Base Metal Steel Grade.
    • C. Bolts, Nuts and Washers.
    • D. Markings.

Any work site with more than a six-foot vertical drop must have a guardrail installed to prevent falls.
The guardrails must be between 39 and 45 inches above the surface of the work area. There can be no area in the guardrail without a horizontal rail occurring every 21 inches.
The guardrail must be capable of holding 200 lbs. of weight applied to the top two inches of the guardrail.
If guardrails are not feasible for an area, a safety net or a personal fall-arrest system to prevent falling must be used.

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