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W-beam Highway Guardrail with Excellent Anti-corrosion and Long Service Life

W-beam highway guardrails are widely used for highway safety, and fixed on the side of the roads or middle of the road especially on curves and slopes for preventing vehicles from riding out from roads.

W-beam guardrail sets on the roadside for protecting road safety.Galvanized w-beam guardrails have excellent anti-corrosion and tensile strength.
W-beam barrier sets on the middle of the road for protecting traffic safety.Galvanized median barriers minimize the damage to driver and pedestrian.


  1. The barriers ensure minimum damage to the vehicle and its occupants.
  2. During collision, the beam absorbs maximum energy by flattening out laterally and restrains the vehicle from veering over.
  3. Preventing vehicles from skidding back onto the carriageway by controlling exit angles through gradual deceleration and effective redirection of the vehicle back on to the road.
  4. To enable quick repairs in case of accidents.
Model Parameters
Guardrail beam 4320 × 310 × 85 × 3/4 mm, 4128 × 310 × 83 × 2.67/3.43 mm, or custom sizes.
Profile W-beam
Base metal Steel grade Q235 (equivalent to S235JR / ASTM A283M / DIN EN10025)
Standards JT/T 281-2007 (Corrugated Sheet Steel Beam for Guardrail), AASHTO M-180 (Corrugated Sheet Steel Beam for Highway Guardrail), or other international standards.
Certificate GB/T19001-2000---ISO9001:2000, CE.
Thickness of guardrail beam 2.67 mm, 3 mm, 3.43 mm, 4 mm, or client’s requirement.
Surface treatment Hot-dip galvanizing or plastic coating
Weight of coating (GB/T 281-2007) Average check limit triple-spot test Min check limit triple-spot test
600 g/m2 (85 um)

425 g/m2 (61 um)
Custom requirements are available.
Guardrail drawings are preferable.
Several bundle highway guardrails are on the ground.
Galvanized w-beam highway guardrail is highly resistant to corrosion.
Plastic coated corrugated highway guardrail are piled in the warehouse.
Plastic coated guardrail beams have smooth surface and high wear-resistant performance.


  1. To provide railing protection to motor vehicles at dangerous road areas such as steep slopes, high embankments, obscure curves/bends, sharp corners.
  2. To absorb sudden impact during collision thus minimizing injury to vehicle and passenger.
  3. To act as a directional railing for vehicles moving in the right direction.
  4. To act as a median barrier for avoiding head on collision.
  5. To act as a protective barrier for pedestrians along the highway.
Galvanized guardrail barriers with round flange steel posts are installed on the roadside.
Galvanized guardrail barrier acts as a protector, because its high impact resistance.
Plastic coated w-beam highway guardrail with green surface are installed on the curve.
Reinforced guardrail are usually set on the curves, which can effectively reduced the damage caused by accident.
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