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Chain Link Fencing & Guard Rail for Roads, Bridges Construction

Supply and installation of chain link fencing & guard rail for a civil engineering construction corporation for construction, completion and maintenance of roads, bridges, storm water drainage, sewers, and other services for roads connecting.

  • Metal fence: chain link fencing 96000 meters.
  • Metal beam guard rail: Breakaway cable Terminal section 89 meters. Metal beam guard rail 65920 metres.
  • Railing: Metal Railing 4562 metres.

Highway Guard Rail (69542 meters):

  • Highway Guard Rail (Profile "W" Beam) 2.6 mm Thickness × 320 mm A/C × 4318 mm Length ( 4000 mm Effective Length) – 14624 Nos.
  • Post: Galvanized Channel - Profile "U" type, 100 mm × 50 mm × 4.5 mm × 1500 mm (Length) = 14625 Nos.
  • Spacer: Galvanized Dipped - 14625 Nos.
  • Reflectors: Yellow = 20000 Pcs.
  • Nut & Bolts & Washer= Galvanized ( 8 sets per 4 meters of w beam) with ( Hex Bolts & Round Head Bolts).
  • Technical data :
    • Hot Dipped Galvanized - 550 GSM Zn Coating.
    • Hex bolts 20/40 with Nut & Washer.
    • Bottom Bolts 16/35 with Nut & Washer.
    • Weight Per Meter = 17 kg.

Guardrails, end units, and reflective plates for road upgrading and junction improvement works:

  • Guardrails on steel posts: Galvanised single sided 5,225.00 metres.
  • End units: End sections including foundation in the ground where single guardrail sections are used, length as shown on the drawings 44.00 No.
  • Reflective plates 1,306.00 No.


  • All dimensions are in millimetres unless stated otherwise.
  • Lap guardrail sections in direction of traffic flow.
  • All bolts shall be button-headed and galvanised.
  • The guardrail shall be galvanised.
  • Start and end of guardrail section to be identical.
  • Compaction around posts to be the same as surrounding earthworks.
  • All nuts to be spot welded to the bolt.
  • Standard units also to be used on the end sections.
  • The post shall be dug into the fill by method approved by the engineer.
  • Guardrail to be located on the entire section of the dual carriage and/or as directed by the engineer.

Warm tips: We can provide our clients the complete drawings, installation manual, technical details, etc.

The drawing of guard rail for roads: flex-beam joints, rear elevation and front elevation.
The drawing of guard rail for roads

Hot dip galvanized W beam guardrailsHot dip galvanized W beam guardrails stock

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