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Highway Guardrail Barriers Project Specifications and Drawing

The drawing of guardrail barriers for a highway safety Project.Guardrail barriers for a highway safety project in Jordan, use hot dip galvanized guardrails and guard beam. The required quantity is 15869 Linear Meters of Type II. hot dip galvanized: 1100 g/m2, relevant specifications and drawing details here.

Specifications for protective Guardrails:

  1. Guardrails shall comply with the U.S. (AASHTO M 180).
  2. Galvanized guardrails hot (hot‐dip galvanized) and weighing not less galvanizing for duplex (1100 g / m2) Type II and the quality of zinc used in galvanizing according to the U.S. specification (AASHTO M 120).
  3. Minimum thickness of sheet used (without galvanizing) for 2.67 mm (class A) allows varying in thickness of 0.23 mm and any decrease in thickness within this disparity will be compared to the discount each 1% decrease in thickness equivalent to a discount of 0.5% price per square meter increased longitudinal and if the shortfall tolerances reject material).
  4. Effective length of 3.81 m beams of the screw to screw.
  5. Width of Guardrails 31 cm (W‐shape).
  6. (Nuts and Bolts) must be complying with the U.S. (ASTM 307).
  7. Mechanical properties of the guardrails must be complying with the (AASHTO M 180) and according to the following table:
    • Tolerance Properties:
      • -5% Yield Point (N/mm2) min 345.
      • -5% Tensile strength (N/mm2) min 483.
    • Elongation min 12%.

Galvanized metal guardrails installed to concrete base and metal posts for bridge protection.
Galvanized metal guardrails for highway bridge.

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