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Highway Steel Safety Guardrail Barriers System for Quebec

Highway steel guard rail for Quebec road safety construction, the specifications as following:

  • Safety guardrail galvanized metal 2 or 3 waves in compliance with standard AASHTO M-180 with level contention TL-4 and accessories (poles, strippers, brackets, bolts and terminals) 15,000 ml.
  • Buffer terminal 17 pieces
  • Fish tail terminal for defense metal 6 pcs.
  • Bracket light reflective of cold gauge galvanized sheet no.16.
  • Bolting galvanized by immersion in hot under the rules ASTM A-153 and ASTM A-307.

Specifications of defense metallic with accessories

  1. Guardrail defense metal
    Defense metal
    The steel for manufacturing guardrail and accessories must be obtained by the processes of open hearth furnace, basic oxygen or electric furnace.
    The dimensions and configuration of the system shall comply with the requirements for the containment system NC-4 three ridges separating, established in NOM-037-SCT2-2012.
  2. End of guardrail metal entering on the traffic side
    The starting end of the guardrail in the three peaks direction of transit must have a transition of two to three ridges with crests that meets AASHTO M 180-98 standard, with an effective length of 1.90 m. and then a terminal that has satisfactorily completed the testing requirements in NCHRP Report 350 will be placed.
  3. End impact energy absorption
    End impact energy absorption
    • Must have corresponding approval NC-containment level 3 or higher damping system certificate.
    • Parallel to the axis of the highway.
    • Having interchangeable or reusable components.
    • Impact energy dissipation through special devices system.
    • Steel components must be hot dip galvanized.
    • For a speed of 100 kms / hr.
  4. Duck tail end for guardrail three peaks
    Fish tail terminal end for thrie-beam guardrail
    The geometry and dimensions of fish end for thrie-beam guardrail to be met are:
      • Long before made 780.0 mm.
      • Wide before made 749.0 mm.
      • Corrugation 193.8 mm.
      • Depth from 81.00 mm to 82.6 mm.
  5. Impact end fork
    Impact end fork, the proposed system must meet at least the following:
    • The system must meet the requirements for NC-test level 3 of Standard NOM-037-SCT2-2012 or higher.
    • Must be a system that is redirect able nontransferable.
    • Must resist impacts of vehicles with speeds up to 100 km/H. reusable and must be at least 50%.
    • The system components can be made of metal, plastic, wood or mixed. All metal components require hot dip galvanized finish. All plastic components and / or wood must have treatment against weathering, fire, rain, heat.
    • Must consider join and / or adequacy of the system with devices and / or existing furniture in the islet.
    • The system shall be approved, the NCHRP report 350.
  6. Yellow reflective bracket
    Reflective bracket
    • Manufacturing material: galvanized plate at No. 16 gauge cold.
    • Dimensions: trapezoidal form larger base 112 +3.0 mm; lower base 45 mm and +3.0 +2.0 height of 98 mm, 60 mm bending the largest base.
    • The prismatic reflective material must be very high intensity type in sticky white film on defense that stands on the right bank with respect to the direction of traffic and transit yellow on defense that stands on the left bank in relation to the direction of traffic.
  7. BOLTING: In all cases bolts and nuts, hot dip galvanized be used in accordance with the ASTM A-153 and A-307 standards ASTM.
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